Liminality & Communitas

Laura Rantanen



After the sunset, a man wonders between the edges of the highways gathering edible roadkill animals.  Liminality & Communitas is an experimental documentary short film about the utilization of roadkill animals. The film investigates the border between life and death and the edges of the manmade world. Liminality & Communitas is a visually rich one night journey during which temporal and eternal meet.

Festivals and awards:

Guanajuato International Film Festival, Guanajuato (Meksiko)
FEST, New Directors New Films -Festival, Espinho (Portugali)
– Silver Lynx for Best Documentary Short Film
42th Norwegian Short Film FestivalGrimstad (Norja)
Shorts Shorts, Film Festival & Asia, Tokio (Japani)
Amandus – 32th Lillehammer International Student Film Festival, Lillehammer (Norja)
37th International Film festival of Uruguay, Montevideo (Uruguay)
Institut finlandais, ”la Finlande en 3 films”, IF-screenings, Pariisi (Ranska)
Poliittisen valokuvan festivaali, Helsinki (Suomi)
Glasgow International Short film festival, Glasgow (Skotlanti)
– Bill Douglas Award for International Short Film
Tampere Film Festival, Tampere (Suomi)
Uusi Kino -kotimaisia opiskelijaelokuvia, Yle Areena
DocPoint, Helsinki (Suomi)
Interfilm, Berlin International Short Film Festival, Berliini (Saksa)
Zinebi, Bilbao International Festival of Documentary and Short Films, Bilbao (Espanja)